Volunteering at Camp Sunrise

It takes a small, dedicated army (lovingly referred to as our “Campily”) to operate AZ Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks every year. It is the passion and commitment of our all-volunteer staff that has made our programs so distinctive and so highly regarded.

To operate our programs, we need volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of interests and experiences. We certainly need counselors, but we also need a large variety of other volunteers as well.



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Camp Sunrise

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What is it like to volunteer at AZ Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks?

Why do our volunteers come back year after year?

Uncle Bob

At the end of my first week, just like the campers, I’d formed peer friendships that remain to this day. Not only that, I developed an awe of the campers who, despite that cancer thing, were the most vivacious kids I’d ever known. And now, those vivacious kids are vivacious adults and I’m still in awe.

Uncle BobResident Uncle
Adam D.

Volunteering Rocks!
Bringing smiles to kids’ faces
No better reward

Adam D.Resident Haiku Expert
Anastisia S.

Every summer can’t come soon enough; each year brings new and old fun. I get to help touch lives and help kids through such a difficult experience. I can never have enough dirt or Jell-O, so every year I end up bringing some home!

Anastisia S.Resident Smile Producer
Kameha S.

I’ve been going to Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks for 10 years now simply because it is a safe and uplifting place. This Camp is a huge part of my childhood and has had a great impact on not only my life but my dear friends and family’s too!

Kameha S.Resident Roskstar

Joining our “Campily”

Ready to take the next step, and help us Celebrate Life?

AZ Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks will be accepting staff applications for the 2018 camping season in late November. Here is our simple three step application process:

1. Check out the Camp Calendar
Take a look at our Job Descriptions
Fill out an Application