Favorite Camp Memory – Eileen Leaser

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Eileen Leaser- A Arizona Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks volunteer shares a favorite camp memory.

As someone who grew up during the transition period when technology was emerging, I often get discouraged by the amount of time children spend watching television, playing video games, and using cell phones and laptops. I see less imagination, physical activity, and interaction as technology evolves. At camp, teens often want to be on their cell phone when they are in the cabins at night. As a counselor, I always hope that we can find games, tell scary stories, or find some other way to create the magic of camp and encourage social interaction and building friendships.
One of my favorite memories came from the past teen winter retreat. We had a cabin full of young teen girls, and many wanted to be on their phones before bed. However, a new counselor and myself decided to start a card game that we play together outside of camp. This game is called Anomia. In this game, everyone sits in a circle and each person selects a card. Each card has a symbol on it as well as a unique category. Categories include country capitals, authors, food categories, actors, movies, etc. If at any point, there are two people in the circle with the same symbol, one must state something under the category on the other person’s card before the other person states something under the category on their card. Whoever does this first earns the other person’s card. The goal is to have the most cards won at the end of the game. Slowly, I watched each member of the cabin leave her phone and come to play the game. Everyone was excited, shouting answers and laughing. No one picked up a phone for the rest of the evening, and they wanted to play that game, along with various other games, throughout the weekend. Anomia ended up starting many conversations about geography, food, sports, and many other topics that encouraged group participation as well as individual ideas and passions. Some of the kids even started quizzing each other and us on geography and Arizona facts. It was easily one of my favorite weekend retreats. I witnessed no exclusion of others, and I watched kids celebrating each other’s strengths and differences without putting down others different ideas. Watching young people with different backgrounds engage with one another and have different ideas and opinions, and feel able to express these in an accepting environment was easily one of my favorite “this is why I keep coming back to camp” moments.

Favorite Camp Memory with Adam Davi

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Adam Davi- A long time camp volunteer shares a
favorite camp memory.

My favorite camp story is from one of my first few years at camp. Every year as part of the camp
activities we break into activity groups where campers and counselors from different cabin groups get
put together to play some games. I had been in an activity group with one particular camper for three
straight years, and she barely spoke five words to me in those three years combined. This particular
year the theme for camp was How the West Was Fun and our activity group name was the Cowboy
Hats. So I made up this silly little cowboy hats song for our group to sing as we walked from one activity
to the next. Nobody really sang along with me, but I had fun with it so I kept singing it all week. Fast
forward to the end of the week and Family Day. This little camper who had barely spoken to me in three
years tracked me down during all the craziness of Family Day just so I could sing the Cowboy Hats song
to her family.
I was blown away. I had no idea that this silly song I just made up had made any impact on anybody.
But that’s what camp is. It’s little moments that make campers feel special and welcomed and
accepted. And it showed me that being there and having fun can make a difference in a child’s life. On
a side note, that camper has continued to come to camp, is now a counselor herself, and sings her own
songs to campers!

Childhood Cancer Sucks Run/Walk 2016

Over 15,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year. Southwest Kids’ Cancer Foundation helps kids affected by a cancer diagnosis with year-round programming, including week-long camps, weekend retreats, day camp, and family camp. Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks offers special programs for children who have or have had cancer, and their brothers and sisters. Fun is the main goal of our programs, with the special needs and safety of those children our top priority.

Come join us for a family friendly Run/Walk to help our kids fight cancer The race will be manually timed with age group awards and a raffle afterwards!

Local runners: We will provide you with a Road ID bib when you arrive. Check in starts at 6:00 am on Saturday, Aug 20th in the parking lot at Road Runner Sports Tempe. The store is located at Tempe Marketplace 43 S. McClintock Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281. The race is scheduled to start at 7:00 am, so please arrive early! Water and snacks are provided and your beautiful suncatcher finisher medal will be awarded after the run.

Virtual Race option: Can’t make the date? Choose your own day/time to Run Your Race run on your own to earn your medal, simply report your time. The deadline to complete your race is the end of the race month.

We also offer high quality tech shirts on our web site, so you may show your support proudly. Please visit http://runyourraceaz.com to see the available styles.

Contact Email: [email protected] or call (602) 722-6503

DBacks Pediatric Cancer Awareness Game

It’s that time of year again!! The Pediatric Cancer Awareness game is coming up on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 5:10pm, the Dbacks will be taking on the Dodgers. Camp is selling tickets for $28.00. The Dbacks will be donating $6 for each ticket we sell back to camp! And, with your ticket you will receive a Go Gold Dbacks T-shirt. To get tickets, please contact Barb Nicholas at [email protected]org. See the attached flyer for more details. And please feel free to pass the flyer on to anyone you think would be interested in going to the game. Let’s turn Chase Field gold! Come on out and support camp and cheer on the home team!
Going Gold - 9.17 - Arizona Camp Sunrise

Camp Sunrise 2016 – Day 5

The week might be winding down here at Camp Sunrise 2016, but the excitement is ramping up!

Today was the second to last day of classes, with campers enjoying some Science, Outdoor Games, and even a hike to the top of the mountain. At the end of classes, an afternoon activity involving Westerns and Fantasies was enjoyed by all before everyone prepped for dinner.

With the campers and staff in their best story-based costumes, our Leaders-in-Training hosted a night of fine Italian dining, followed by our world-famous dance. DJ Falling Rock and Mix Master Keegs spun tracks well into the night, giving our Sunrise campers the ultimate opportunity to Celebrate Life.

You don’t think the Snurf would’ve dared make an appearance at the dance though right?

Tomorrow is the last full day of Sunrise, and another full day of activities awaits!

Camp Sunrise 2016 – Day 4

Although today might be Wednesday, here at Camp Sunrise we call it Lake Day! After another wonderful breakfast from our kitchen staff, our campers loaded up the buses and headed off to Willow Springs Lake. The campers took advantage of a warm, sunny day by hiking, swimming, fishing, and filling the lake with canoes!

Upon arrival back at Camp, outreach teams from Nike and Storybook Entertainment were waiting to provide the campers with an afternoon of fun activities. Nike played a myriad of outdoor games with the kids, while Storybook sent Princesses Leia and Jasmine to hang out with the campers.

In case that was not enough, we wound down the evening with a movie and popcorn, before the campers mosied back to their bunks after our most active day yet!

Tomorrow is one of our camper’s favorite days, as DJ Falling Rock and Mix Master Keegs light up the night at the annual Camp Dance!

I wonder how the Snurf is enjoying his week? Follow the whole story on YouTube!

Camp Sunrise 2016 – Day 3

Camp Sunrise woke up to another beautiful, sunny day today! After breakfast, the campers continued their adventures in their classes, experiencing everything from Drama, to Dodgeball, to Movie Making.

The weather cooperated this afternoon, allowing the world-famous Jell-O War to commence without any interruption. The campers spent 30 minutes throwing Jell-O to their hearts’ content! The campers encountered a special surprise as the Christopher-Kohls Fire Department hosed down everyone and the sticky situation left over from the Jell-O War.

The senior campers ventured out on their Senior Overnight on the Mogollian Rim where they watched the sun set over the valley before setting up a traditional camp site. As the seniors were camping, our juniors enjoyed a night of S’more Making and a ton science and physics experiments in the dining hall.

We are calling it an early night here at Camp Sunrise in order to be well rested for Lake Day tomorrow!

Camp Sunrise 2016 – Day 2

Day 2 of Arizona Camp Sunrise is in the books!

After breakfast, the campers ventured off to their first day of classes. In addition to traditional favorites like fishing, hiking, and archery, this year’s campers enjoyed classes like Outdoor Games, Lego Master Builders, and Spy Camp.

The afternoon brought a wet and wild Water Day, thanks to a mountain of water balloons, frozen t-shirts, and a make-shift Car Wash.

After drying off and enjoying some cabin camaraderie, the campers descended on the fire pit for a night of singing, dancing, an good old fashioned camp fun.

Until tomorrow, good night from AZ Camp Sidekicks! Remember to check out Facebook for updates throughout the week!

Also, here’s the next episode of Storytime with Uncle Bob! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for real time updates.

Camp Sunrise 2016 – Day 1

Our AZ Camp Sunrise campers arrived at R-C Ranch in Payson, AZ this morning, and wow, what a day! Day One has been filled with lots of excitement and adventure. The campers were escorted to camp by the ACE Corvette Club and greeted with a full-day planned with cabin activities, camp tours, group activities, and of course getting their iconic lanyard photos taken.

This week’s theme is “Adventure is out there,” a wild and wooly ride through storytelling and adventure. We kicked off the theme with a rousing edition of Storytime with Uncle Bob (featuring a cameo from Lizard), and wound down the night with each cabin group imagining and creating their very own cabin characters and mascots.

The campers might be falling asleep in their bunks, but we are already looking forward to another full day tomorrow and lots of sunshine!

This week, follow along on YouTube as we tell the story of the Snurf who Snarfed Camp Sunrise!

Camp Sidekicks 2016 – Day 6

As the 2016 edition of AZ Camp Sidekicks comes to an end, we look back on an incredible week. Our Sidekicks enjoyed a day at the lake, a day filled with water activities, several field days, a myriad of classes, a night of dancing, and so much more!

Today, we capped off the week with two of our favorite activities! After the final set of daily classes, the campers and counselors put on their finest clothing for the world-renowned Jell-O War. Only at AZ Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks can you launch Jello at your closest friends!

Finally, the night wound down with Chuck Roast hosting our camper talent show! All the cabin groups shared their incredible talents with camp. Special appearances from the comedy and dance classes helped bring the night to a close.

But you can never forget the Rootbeer Float Social hosted by the Spiders!

Once again, Camp Sidekicks proved that Cancer can’t keep any of us down. It can’t keep our Sidekicks from smiling and laughing. Camp Sidekicks is a very special place where kids can be kids, and we celebrate life every day!

Until next year!