Our Staff

The Arizona Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks staff is made up entirely of volunteers. Our counselors come from a variety of backgrounds: they are physicians, social workers, college students, teachers, computer programmers, and other professionals. Some have had cancer themselves, and some just want to help give kids affected by cancer their childhood back. We maintain a one-to-four counselor-to-camper ratio and campers who need extra care have it. We are fortunate to have these dedicated and qualified people volunteering their time for our campers.

Along with campers, we also require the services medical personnel and a kitchen staff. And just because they are medical personnel or are volunteering in the kitchen does not mean they are stuck there. All volunteers are dedicated to interacting with campers, and getting involved in camp activities.

At Camp Sunrise, we are always looking for oncology doctors and nurses to volunteer their time. We are equipped to handle the administration of chemotherapy and other medications. At Camp Sidekicks, we also encourage any doctors or nurses to apply. Our medical facility is equipped to handle most minor emergencies. Payson Memorial Hospital is close by to take care of anything we cannot handle.

Interested in Joining Our Staff?

If you are at least 19 years old and are interested in volunteering, visit our Volunteer Page to learn more, and to fill out an online application.