Counselor Class Ideas

Sidekicks 2020 Classes

  • Junior Hiking – Kegan R.

Sunrise 2020 Classes

  • Junior Hiking – Kegan R.

More Ideas!

Outdoor Activities

Junior Hiking

12 years and under (or by ability), strolling/less intense hiking class.

Senior Hiking

13 years and up, more challenging hikes up and around the mountain.

Scavenger Hunt

Series of clues leading campers around camp to find specific items.

Outdoor Cooking/BBQ

We have a grill and fire pit available.  Teach the campers how to prepare and cook certain items in an outdoor setting.


Teaching the use of compass, map and directionality.

Rock Climbing/Rappelling

Teaching proper usage and safety skills of belaying and rappelling.


Putting corn and other yummy objects on hooks and re-catching the same 27 fish since ’92 and the occasional crawdad. We utilize both the creek and pond.

Outdoor Games

  • Kickball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Make up your own games

We have equipment required for the listed sports, minus gloves for softball/baseball.  Plus any of these games can be played the “regular” way or made in to goofy silly games.

Sports Court Games

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Dodge ball

We have equipment requited for the listed sports, but only one of these classes per period due to the lack of space on our court

Survival Activities

Teaching the kids survival tactics.


Teaches the kids to shoot arrows safely, with progressively challenging activities throughout the week.

Water Bottle Rockets

Use of generator to launch creatively decorated 1 or 2 liter bottles up into the air!  Night launches are fun with glow sticks placed in rockets.

Frisbee Golf/Ultimate

Hard less flimsy disks thrown at awkwardly shaped metal “thing”/holes.  Score is kept the same as it is in golf.

Low Ropes Course

Obstacles set up as a course and the kids have to get around it with boundaries, with such as you cannot touch the ground or tables or be able to see.


Camp owns a few sets, an outdoor game of strategy especially when camps terrain is a big part of the game.

Ping Pong

We have ping pong balls, racquets, tables and nets, enough said.

Outdoor Skills

Can include outdoor cooking, how to build a shelter, how to read a compass, etc.

Jump Rope

We have lots of them to do double dutch, teach the kids tricks, plus it’s an awesome work out.

Nature Activities/Crafts

Can include bug collecting, rock collecting, making walking sticks, and or pressed flowers.

Arts and Crafts

Kite Making

Let’s go fly a kite (that .we made)


Taking the kids to different areas of camp to draw portraits, and or teaching them new and different techniques.


We have tons of paint! Get creative of what to paint.

Paper Airplanes

Teaching different type of paper airplanes and then fly them together or against each other.


We have many different types of yarn, to make scarves, and other fun items either with your fingers or hooks (which we have a limited supply of).

Cross Stitch/Needlepoint

Can have the kids make their own pictures or have premade sheets the kids can follow the pattern of.

Recycled Art

Use of aluminum cans, plastic and paper bags, cardboard, milk containers, soda bottles and make them into art!

T-shirt Art

Either screen print, or tie dye, or there is an amazing book called 1000 ways to use a t-shirt and it teaches you how to make t-shirts into skirts, purses, other shirts and many fun items.


Fancy braiding with plastic lace.

Friendship Bracelets

Making fun bracelets in unique ways, teaching the kids different patterns and designs.


Allowing the kids to take pictures the first day or so, and then allowing them to decorate their own scrapbook.  We have TONS of scrapbook supplies.

Book Making

Allowing the kids to come up with their own plot and illustrations then having them printed out to take home.

Stamping/Card Making

Camp has a ton of different color paper to make cards to decorate to send home or to give out later.  We also have a ton of stamps.  Stamp pads may be dry.


Melt wax either of crayons, or regular wax then place wicks and scents and ta-dah! 


Helping the kids to make fun items to eat!


Helping the kids to make fun bakery products!

Pinewood Derby Cars


Bracelets, necklaces, rings, or get creative with beads and thread them on wire and wrap around shapes!

Paper Mache

Paper, water and flour molded onto an object to dry then paint.

Jewelry Making


Teach the kids different techniques of photography and at the end of the week compile it onto a disk for them to take with them.

Tie Dye

Helping the kids set up their tie dye items with rubber bands then having them color items.


Turning boring old paper into amazing objects.

Popsicle Stick Creations

Making picture frames, pencil holders and other fun object w popsicle sticks and painting them.

Silk Screen

Have the kids design their own t-shirt, then make the screen and silk screen the design onto a shirt.

Ice Cream Making

Having the kids make their own all natural ice-cream, in coffee cans.

Bath & Body Works

Similar to soap making, but also making lotions, and other fun smelling bath items.


Constructing and painting birdhouses.

Duct Tape

Creating tons of fun objects with duct tape, such as wallets, water bottle holders, purses, etc.


Using special tool to crave designs into wooden objects.

Rock Painting

Creating memories and murals on rocks.

Stained Glass

Using either crayons or tissue paper with wax paper you can create beautiful artwork.

Food Art

Making fun objects/sculptures with food.

Cake Decorating

Baking cakes then decorating them with yummy toppings to make unusual cakes.

Paper Making

Making your own decorative paper.


With special tools you hammer patterns into pieces of leather.


Sign Language

Teaching the kids the basics of sign language.


  • Singing – teaching and perfecting a song with the children.
  • Instrument Making/Band – help them make fun and creative instruments, plus performing with them
  • Glee – creating a dance along with songs for the kids to learn and perform.


  • Line Dancing
  • Ballet
  • Hip Hop
  • Ballroom
  • Jazz
  • Square Dancing
  • Tap
  • Modern

As long as you know one of these types of dance well enough to teach a class feel free to!  You may also perform at the talent show at the end of the week.


Teach easy and relaxing/stretching techniques along with meditation skills.

Board Games

Camp owns a wide variety of games to allow the kids to play.

Card Games

Uno, rummy, war, speed, spoons, just to name a few.


Have the kids be reporters and gather info to compile into a “daily” newsletter.


Have the kids take pictures of the camp events and help compile them.


Assist and spot the kids in basic tumbling skills, Camp does have mats.

Bug Collecting

Capturing and collecting bug as well as pinning them to take home.


Movie Making/Video Class

Teach the kids how to film and edit movies.

Soap Making

Melting soap bars, adding scents and molding the soap into cool shapes.


Regular and Mexican train have been taught before, can also be combined into the board game class.

Sumo Wrestling

Camp has four big “sumo suits” that you fill with balloons after the kids put them on, then the “wrestle” on the gymnastic mats.


Teach the rules of both or just one game and lead up to a tournament throughout the week.


Create and write a play for the kids to act out at the talent show.