Favorite Camp Memory with Adam Davi

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Adam Davi- A long time camp volunteer shares a
favorite camp memory.

My favorite camp story is from one of my first few years at camp. Every year as part of the camp
activities we break into activity groups where campers and counselors from different cabin groups get
put together to play some games. I had been in an activity group with one particular camper for three
straight years, and she barely spoke five words to me in those three years combined. This particular
year the theme for camp was How the West Was Fun and our activity group name was the Cowboy
Hats. So I made up this silly little cowboy hats song for our group to sing as we walked from one activity
to the next. Nobody really sang along with me, but I had fun with it so I kept singing it all week. Fast
forward to the end of the week and Family Day. This little camper who had barely spoken to me in three
years tracked me down during all the craziness of Family Day just so I could sing the Cowboy Hats song
to her family.
I was blown away. I had no idea that this silly song I just made up had made any impact on anybody.
But that’s what camp is. It’s little moments that make campers feel special and welcomed and
accepted. And it showed me that being there and having fun can make a difference in a child’s life. On
a side note, that camper has continued to come to camp, is now a counselor herself, and sings her own
songs to campers!