Leader-In-Training Program

The Leader-In-Training (LIT) Program is an important part of Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks. LIT positions offer exemplary young adults the training and guidance they need to become qualified camp counselors and activity instructors. Although we hope they will choose to become a part of the Sunrise and Sidekicks staff, our LIT graduates should be an asset to any camp staff they join.

Primarily, LIT positions are filled by former Sunrise and Sidekicks campers who demonstrate leadership potential, enthusiasm, and responsibility. All former campers (17-18) are invited to apply. Slots not filled in this way may be offered to young adults not previously associated with Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks.

Leaders-In-Training are not camp staff, though we recognize their potential. As LITs they are given the chance to develop their leadership skills. LITs assist staff with activities such as arts and crafts, team sports, or archery. LITs are also assigned to specific cabin groups. They are available to help counselors with their campers’ care.  However, they are not to be left in charge of a cabin. The ultimate responsibility rests with the counselor. LITs will also be responsible for planning certain special events, such as the Formal Dinner/Dance.

In the program, LITs gain many of the counselor responsibilities. LITs also enjoy the fun and adventure of regular camp activities. They are encouraged to participate enthusiastically in all aspects of camp life.

LIT Program Goals

  • Teach prospective counselors and activity leaders how to work with groups of campers

  • Show prospective counselors and activity leaders how to teach a class or lead an activity

  • Provide older teens increased responsibility

  • Build leadership skills and self-esteem

  • Give teens skills to work together as a team

  • Create counselors and activity leaders that are familiar with camp programs and campers

  • Provide teens the opportunity to give something back to Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks

  • Encourage more campers to become counselors and activity leaders

  • Promote growth and development to become responsible camp leaders

  • Expose prospective staff to camp programs

LIT Program Mission

To provide a fun, safe environment where teens (ages 17-18) can develop their leadership skills and abilities in preparation to become counselors and activity leaders.

How to Apply

Those interested in being a part of the LIT program may contact Adam Davi at [email protected] for instructions on how to apply.  Space is limited and slots will be offered on a first come, first served basis to those who complete the application process.  The deadline to apply for summer 2015 is May 1.  Those accepted into the program will be required to attend a mandatory training session before camp.  Dates will be emailed to prospective applicants.  If you have any further questions about the program, please contact Adam Davi at the above email address. or by using the contact form below.

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