Southwest Kids’ Cancer Foundation

Breaking News from Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks!

You may have heard that the American Cancer Society has announced they will no longer support camps and childhood programming, including Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks. This is shocking, yes, but will not jeopardize the future of our beloved camp. We remain committed to providing a safe and nurturing camp experience to children with cancer and their siblings – just like we have for the past thirty years.

swkcflogoWe’re evolving! We have formed a new foundation autonomous of ACS, the Southwest Kids’ Cancer Foundation (SWKCF). We have incorporated and are obtaining tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. SWKCF is dedicated to the continuation of our camps and programs in 2014 and beyond.

But we can’t do it without you. You are an important part of our camp family–our Campily. Join us in making this our best year ever for Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks!

Our Mission

Southwest Kids’ Cancer Foundation is committed to actively preserving and advancing Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks camps and programs.

Our Goals

Southwest Kids’ Cancer Foundation’s passion and commitment to serve kids who have or have had cancer, their siblings, and families is our sole incentive. Therefore, our goals include maintaining, enhancing, and expanding Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks camps and programs. We will continually strive to accomplish these goals through volunteerism, fundraising, and building community awareness and involvement. We recognize that securing monetary support for Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks is crucial to their success, and will work to provide a secure future for these programs financially.