Camp Sidekicks 2015 – Day Five

DinnerLast night was our annual camp dinner dance. Campers and counselors dressed in their favorite amusement park themed costumes. Dinner was our usual spaghetti and meatballs, and cake was for dessert! The dance was a blast! There was loud music, lots of dancing, and not to mention tons of smiles.

Today is our last full day of camp before the kids go home. We will have a talent show and a lesson in potions and magic this afternoon!

Camp Sidekicks 2015 – Day Four

Lake2Today was LAKE DAY! All the kids and counselors packed their swimsuits and towels for a day at the beach! The weather was perfect and the sun was shinning. The campers participated in activities such as fishing, swimming, canoeing, and of course soaking up that vitamin D (with sunscreen protection of course).
We also had some visitors come to camp, Julius the “Pro-Yo,” the professional yo-yo expert, and the Nike team for coming out to play some awesome games with us!

Tonight was movie night, where we watched The Princess Bride and had movie treats as well. Tomorrow is the annual camp Dinner and Dance. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more up to minute updates as well.

Camp Sidekicks 2015 – Day Two

FireWell today was one exciting day here at Camp Sidekicks. We started off the day with our first set of classes and “Water Day” was our afternoon activity. The Fire Department was nice enough to come and hang out with us as well!

The evening ended with the annual campfire. The night started off beautiful, but in true camp fashion it rained. We moved indoors and the songs, stories, and memory making continued!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!


Camp Sidekicks 2015 – Day One

After traveling in three busses escorted by motorcycles, the campers have ARRIVED in CampilyLand!


They settled into their cabin groups and had a tasty lunch filled with fun announcements about the plans for the rest of the day…


The rest of the day included guided back lot tours of CampilyLand Movie Studios, individual photos in The Costume Department, and watching previews of our movies/classes and choosing their favorites!

Our evening activities included getting into our CampilyLand groups and playing games. Tomorrow will be filled with even more exciting adventures!

Stay tuned.



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