Camp Sunrise 2015 – Day Three

Day Three – Lake and Campfire!!  

Campfire time!! Campers gathered around the fire and we sang our favorite classics including “I saw a Bear” and “Princess Pat.” There were lots of smiles and giggles to go around. The campers also participated in LAKE DAY! Campers and staff headed to the Lake where they were able to ride in canoes, go wading in the water, and of course FISHING!! Lots of exciting things happened at the Lake and included lunch complete with a cookie.

Camp Sunrise 2015 – Day One

Day One – Arrival 

Today the kids arrived in style and full of smiles. They were escorted by the ACE Corvette Club and each received a small corvette to take home as well. The staff planned a “Back Stage Tour” of the camp grounds to go with the theme of “Campilyland.” Campers moved into their bunks and are ready to go for a week full of adventure and fun! DSC00689


Camp Sidekicks 2015 – Day Three

Today was an eventful day in CampilyLand. To start off, campers went to their classes. Then after lunch, they went back to their cabins for rest hour to prepare for the most epic activity in camp history… THE JELL-O WAR!! Campers put on white shirts, crocks, and their Jell-O faces. We rushed down to the field because rain was in the near future for the forecast. Everyone threw Jell-O and got super sticky!

All of a sudden, clouds started rolling in while campers were hosing off in the field from the sticky mess. Everyone was instructed to go into the Lodge to wait for the storm to roll over…in their jello-covered clothes! Finally, the storm was gone and campers all took showers and cleaned off before dinner.

After dinner, the squeaky clean campers did Jedi Training in the lodge and went to bed.

Jedi 1


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